How can I help you?

Build your brand, grow your business. The way I approach working with any business is to help better their brand by crafting quality design solutions. My services are built upon the objectives you have set for your business.

Identity Design

Logo Design

I craft custom designed logos, logomarks, and wordmarks. Each logo is versatile and is able to be applied to a variety of layouts. A good logo has the ability to subconsciously build the trust of your consumer.

Color Palette

I create both simple or complex color palettes that are unique to your brand. Each palette comes with the corresponding Hex codes, CMYK, and RGB variations to keep consistency across all color applications.


I will select one or two primary fonts for your brand. I will make sure that the font(s) chosen for your brand will embody the life and personality of your brand.


I will help my client decide on the types of custom photography, vector illustration, video and other forms of imagery that will be used in telling their story. As well as, defining the personality and voice of your brand.

Usage & Style Guides

This guide is a helpful resource when implementing your newly crafted identity to various applications. It outlines the proper usage of each identity elements and defines your brand’s style. Sticking to the guidelines and being consistent will help with improving your businesses professionalism.

Brand Positioning

I will help you understand what is your businesses “USP” Unique Selling Proposition. This is done through market research and getting to know your business. This will help to position you within your industry.

Brand Consultation

I will do a brand evealuation, and consult with you about what I believe is working and what is lacking in your brand. I will provide a strategic solution that will help to level up your business.

Digital Design

Web Design

I create landing pages, brochures websites, and e-commerce websites. I build on a variety of reliable CMS platforms such as WordPress, Squarespace, and Shopify. All sites are built to be maintained by myself or the client.

Web Hosting

I build and maintain my hosted websites through a 3rd party hosting company. I can manage and maintain the account if you choose to have a WordPress website.

Domain Aquisition

I help with acquiring a new domain name, transferring domain registrars, and redirecting DNS records.

Social Media Kits

I will create a package containing profile and various other graphics for the social platforms you plan on engaging with your audience.

Marketing Materials

I will help develop your campaign concept, graphics, and implement in various media outlets such as email newsletters, social media ad campaigns, and web banner ads.

Digital Illustration

I can bring your brand to life with custom hand-drawn illustrations or vector illustrations. I start by sketching out multiple concepts before completing the digitization and detail work.

Icon Sets

Symbols are the closest thing to a universal language and make communicating quickly much easier. I can design a set of custom icons that will help you articulate your mission.

Print Design

Business Cards

Generate leads, leave an impression, and raise brand awareness. Business cards are time-tested and useful for all business owners.

Bi/Tri Fold Brochures

Help inform your consumers on what your business offers them with practical and engaging brochures that consistently reinforce your brand promises.

Brand Collateral

Impress and affirm your customers by having professionally branded letterheads/stationary and various documents that showcase your brand’s style.

Event Promotion

Gearing up for an event and you need to get the word out? I can create a promo pack, that includes event logo as well as, flyers, posters, save the date and sticker designs.


Whether you need interior or exterior signage (or both), I can create the graphics that will be custom designed to your brand and unique to your marketing campaign.

Packaging Design

Show off your product through custom designed packaging. I can assist in the creation, suggest a 3rd party printer or help facilitate communication with your existing print shop.

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