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Layton, Utah

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Software Development

Branding the Future

Scheme Creative is a forward-thinking software development brand based in Layton, Utah.  Their work centers around the concept of building a unified software infrastructure and platform for their clients.


The concept for their logo was drawn from a “development stack.” consequently the business name initials “SC” could easily be hidden in the stacked horizontal bars. Scheme Creative embodies a lively and bold brand personality that is looking to make an impact in their industry. Due to the fact that they embodied these characteristics to their core, I figured they should be reflected throughout their brand identity. The visually heavy and iconic shapes that form their logomark do exactly that. This bold representation of their business helps to give them the modern look that they wanted.

Scheme Creative Logomark
Scheme Creative Logo Stacked
Scheme Creative Logo Stacked Blue

The Overlap

Sans-Serif Capitals

Scheme Creative’s wordmark is crafted with the same bold strokes as its logomark. I chose to start with a modern sans-serif font, then start customizing the shapes to make a unique wordmark that upholds the same visual integrity. To help readability of the business name I increased the kearning, the space in between each letter. The use of contrasting colors helps to best articulate the letterforms and create a positive visual tension to help draw your eye in.

Scheme Creative Wordmark
Scheme Creative Wordmark
Scheme Creative Wordmark
Scheme Creative Wordmark

The Color Stack

Cool Tones Across the Board

I wanted to create a contrasted, yet calming palette to typify Scheme Creative. I knew that I was going to want to utilize an array of dark and light swatches to create the necessary contrast. I then decided on a soft cool blue that paired well with the blank screen black that I had previously chosen. This color palette makes just as much of a statement as the iconic logo. It also fulfills the needs of Scheme Creative’s diverse set of color applications.

Infinite Possibilities

Stacked Pattern

What the client said

Ammon Reese – Scheme Creative Testimonial
Ammon Rees

Founder – Scheme Creative

Absolutely great! Communication and time to complete my logo and a few designs for apparel were above that of many larger-scale corporate design firms I’ve worked with! His process of creating the brand really helped give my company an identity I envisioned. I’d recommend him to anyone!

Are you looking for a new Brand Identity, or looking to rebrand?

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