Pro Recycling Group

Salt Lake City

Pro Recycling Group

Branding Sustainability

One of the Utah recycling companies

The Pro Recycling Group started recycling in the late 70’s and have expanded beyond the boundaries of Utah, extending to 8 of the Western United States. The group needed an identity that encompasses each of their DBA’s.

Pro Recycling Group
Interwest Paper
A Division of the Pro Recycling Group


We specialize in the pickup and transportation of all grades of corrugated and paper materials to final mill destinations.

Pro Baler
A Division of the Pro Recycling Group


We provide the industry with all types of recycling and waste equipment. Balers, compactors, conveyors, and all types of recycling equipment

Pro Polymers
A Division of the Pro Recycling Group


We specialize in the recycling of hard to recycle plastics.  Industrial scrap, purges, bottles, runners, barrels, and scrap pallets

The Umbrella

Committed to Recycling

The design style for the Pro Recycling Group logo is clean, modern and functional. I chose a san serif font for the primary font, so that it could easily be seen, read and applied to a variety of applications.

The logomark (the box) was created because cardboard represents the majority material that they recycle. I also wanted to show the interconnectivity of the organization.

Greater Impact

Unifying Under One Banner

The Pro Recycling Group felt the power of branding by unifying under one umbrella brand (PRG). By doing this they were able to more effectively communicate with their numerous staff members, their clients, and their greater audience. The impact of this branding was felt by those in an outside the company.

Supporting Vectors

Helping illustrate their story

These vector illustrations were created to help tell their story and show various products and processes.

Horizontal Bailer
2-Ram Baler
Vertical Baler

What the client said

Beau Peck

Marketing Manager

Cody takes the time to get the project done correctly and at the speed that is needed to fit my busy schedule. Excellent artworks and very detail oriented, he created the perfect website for my business. Cody continues to add info and suggestions, even after the project is complete – keeping me on top of the game today and tomorrow.

Are you looking for a new Brand Identity, or looking to rebrand?

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