Family Business Center

Downtown Ogden

The Logo

Floorplan Concept

The family business center provides prime coworking spaces and private offices to the local business community. I decided to build a logo concept that accentuated the “spaces.” I wanted the logo to in some way articulate the floorplan of the building, so I went to work and you can check out the results below.

The Palette

A Family of Colors

The colors selected the FBC Identity.

The Icons

Business Class Service

In order to help communicate the amenities that the FBC provides, I was asked to create a series of monoline icons. Each custom designed icon helps potential customers best understand what the FBC offers.

The Website

Building the Information Page

This website was crafted to help communicate the mission of the Family Business Center, Book tours and build a business network.

What the client said

John Peterson

Family Business Center – CEO

The knowledge and insight Cody brought to the project were what stood out. He asked questions in development to understand and expand upon what we even thought we needed and then executed the plan. For branding and website we will continue to work with Hawk Design.

Are you looking for a new Brand Identity, or looking to rebrand?

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