Daily Rise Coffee

Downtown Ogden

The Evolution

14-Year Old Reputation

Daily Rise Coffee has been promoting positive energy since 2004, in downtown Ogden. The continued success of the Daily Rise has propelled them into serving up a fresh direction for their brand. I am thankful to take part in the process of rebranding their business. This redesign included; logo redesign, product packaging, and various brand collateral.

Daily Rise Logo - 2004
Daily Rise Logo - 2008
Daily Rise Logo - 2017

Rebrand Repackage

The Process

The reason why the Furton’s decided to set up shop in Ogden, was because of the beautiful blue skies, sunny days and the mountains that run across the Wasatch Front. These elements were the thread of inspiration that ran through each logo.


The visual characteristics of the Daily Rise Brand Identity are hand=drawn, modern, and energetic. The inspiration for this redesign came from the organic roots of the coffee farmers, mixed with the raw down-to-earth and positive energy that comes from each of their Staff.

Daily Rise Logo Sketch
Daily Rise Logo Primary
Daily Rise Wordmark Inlay
Daily Rise Wordmark Stacked

The Palette

Minimal Primaries

The Furton’s knew that they wanted to continue utilizing the blue they had been with them from the beginning. This became the central focus of the primary palette. This blue reflected the sunny Ogden skies, a blue that wasn’t seen all that often in their home state of Michigan. Paired with this sky blue is a darker shade blue that contrasts nicely with it. Lastly, white was chosen to complete the minimal palette.


Daily Rise Color - Sky Blue

Product Packaging

Delivering High-Quality Coffee

The approach to the packaging project is that of modern minimalism. We chose to use limited color, save a single color to differentiate the various products. A premium air-tight seal and freshness valve was chosen to preserve the quality of the coffee for our consumers.

Daily Rise Packaging Front
Daily Rise Roast Palette

Brew Instruction Icons

Brew Instructions - Water

Coffee is made of 98% water. Use good H2O.

Brew Instructions - Grounds

Use 2 Tbsp. of freshly ground coffee, per 6 oz.of water.

Store remaining beans in airtight bag, with freshness seal.

Brew Instructions - Enjoy

Happy Brewing! Enjoy.

What the client said

Daily Rise Profile
Jeff & Beth Furton

Daily Rise Coffee Owners

Working with Cody at Hawk Designs has been an awesome experience. He truly takes the time and energy to get to know his clients and what it is they do. For us, he emerged himself into our coffee culture and was able to listen, learn and create. He is professional, as well as diligent and task oriented. He sees a project through to completion and he was instrumental at keeping our brand identity intact throughout a spectrum of different applications. We are continuing to work with Cody on a variety of projects!

Daily Rise Coffee

Are you looking for a new Brand Identity, or looking to rebrand?

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