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ConnoVox Logo Design

Birth of A Brand

Voice Studio of John Connolly

John started his radio career in the late 80’s. He has spent the last 20 years working in the software development industry. Voice work is a passion of his and that has compelled him to start a side-gig to grow his freelance roster. He has a love for the history of the profession, paired with a talent to truly make a name for himself. In the outset of this project, he was faced with a minor problem. Unfortunately, there were a number of voice-over artists with his same name. He wanted to set himself apart and after a few conversations, we concluded that coming up with a new business name for his voice studio would be our best route. This made it possible to make a unique brand name that he could trademark and inspire the logo design process. Thus, the birth of ConnoVox.

ConnoVox Logo Design

The Starting Point

The History of the Profession

John has great respect for all those that preceded him in the voice artist profession. He is also fond of the art deco style that was very prevalent in that time period. He wanted the art deco style to influence his logo and also his overall brand. When he had come to me had had some initial work done on a logo and wanted to get my opinion on it (see below). We then wend through a discovery process and decided to try a few other concepts. We ended up landing on a more modern and minimal aesthetic. All the while, maintaining the sharp geometric inspired shapes from the art deco era.

Previous Logo Design
ConnoVox - Logo Design One Color

Making His Mark

Iconic Microphone

Due to the saturation of the voice artist market, it is very important for an artist to build upon their strengths and stand out. We wanted to make a unique iconic rendition of a microphone that wasn’t your run of the mill mark. After sketching out various styles we decided that the early 20th-century circular model microphone fit the authentic and timeless age of the voice studio that was being built. From a visual standpoint, we wanted to make the icon also embody the clean sharp lines that were produced in the wordmark of the logo.

Logo Concept Reference 01
Logo Concept Reference 02
Logo Concept Reference 03
Logo Concept Sketch 01
Logo Concept Sketch 02
Logo Concept Sketch 03
ConnoVox Logo Mark Small

Color Contrast

Producing a visual energy

The color selection was important to this project. Orange as a color evokes a sense of excitement, energy, and generally positive feelings. When paired with Black it naturally creates a great visual contrast between the bright vibrant orange hue and the deep black. I felt that it was necessary to include a soft off-white color that could be used in addition to the high-energy orange. The three colors work well together when building out the various applications of the logo layouts.

Color Palette – Radio Black
Color Palette – Frequency Orange
Color Palette – Windscreen White

Ubuntu Font Family

Font Classification – Sans-Serif

I chose this font family for a couple of reasons. First, it is a sans-serif and resembles that of the font used to create the logo, but is uniquely different. This font is extremely versatile due to its wide range of font styles. Light, Regular, Medium, Bold, and the italicized versions of each weight as well. The font family has some interesting characteristics and has more of a futuristic and modern feel to it that seems to pair well with your brand.

Typography - Font Weights
Typography Font Characters
Typography Font Application
ConnoVox Color Logo Reel

What the client said

John Connolly - Testimonial
John Connolly

Voice Artist – ConnoVox™

Cody makes the process of conception to completion peaceful and successful. He respected my thoughts and ideas but gave great advice to help me adjust to make the logo far better than it would have been otherwise. I recommend you call him if you need help creating or recreating a branding strategy.

Are you looking for a new Brand Identity, or looking to rebrand?

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