Cigar Man

Downtown Chattanooga, TN

Cigar Man – Client Work

Brand Refresh

Cleaning up the lines

Terry Turner is known as the Cigar Man throughout downtown Chattanooga. He has a local shop that supplies quality cigars for new smokers and enthusiasts alike. The focus of this project was to build a brochure website to spotlight the store and his inventory.

Cigar Man Logo - Original
Original Wordmark
Cigar Man Logo - Refreshed
New Wordmark
Cigar Man Logo - Overlaid
Path Overlay
Cigar Man Logo – Main

The Palette

Colors of the Earth

This specific color palette was inspired by Terry’s product line and cigar shop. Naturally, cigars come in a range of colors ranging from light to dark tobacco leaves. The shop also was filled with wooden humidors, shelving and other decorative features.

HEX 382b1c

R56 G43 B28

C57 M64 Y78 K67

HEX 8e6e44

R142 G110 B68

C38 M51 Y79 K18

HEX 3f3932

R63  G57  B50

C62 M61 Y68 K55

HEX 3d3b39

R61 G59 B57

C67 M61 Y62 K52

HEX e2dfde

R226 G223 B222

C10 M9 Y9 K0

HEX 5d2312

R93 G35 B18

C37 M84 Y90 K55


Time-tested serifs

Some say that the art of cigar making dates back as early as the 10th century. Serif fonts generally are associated with a traditional style rather than the more modern san serif.


The primary heading font is Abril Fatface. Due to its bold presence and high contrast, it works perfectly as a display font. I needed to find a similar font that could complement it, but be much easier to read at length. This combination of fonts helps to add a traditional look and feel to the Cigar Man brand.

Cigar Man – Typography

Selected Photos

Custom Brand Imagery

The Website

Brochure Website

Small batch cigars, special collections, catering services, events and more all can be found on the Cigar Man Website. The primary goal of this site is to inform his consumers all that their shop has to offer. It is to entice them to stop by and enjoy a quality cigar and conversation in their cigar lounge.

Device Frame

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