2022 Northern Utah STEM Expo

2022 Northern Utah STEM Expo

Thank you for stopping by the Digital Design & Media Pannel at the 2022 Northern Utah STEM EXPO. This post contains the references and resources talked about during the panel sessions.



Students from all around Weber, Davis, and Morgan counties will be gathering to learn more about a career in the STEM fields. I have been selected to be a panelist and will be discussing how design fits into the conversation surrounding Digital and Media STEM fields. It is an honor to be asked to speak at such an event. I am grateful. for the opportunity to share my passion and experience in the area of design with the aspiring and rising generation.


Resources for Students

Current and exciting innovations that involve digital design and media

  • DALL•E 2 | OpenAI
    • AI Generated Images
    • Our hope is that DALL·E 2 will empower people to express themselves creatively. DALL·E 2 also helps us understand how advanced AI systems see and understand our world, which is critical to our mission of creating AI that benefits humanity.
  • FaceTune 
    • Manipulate your selfies and create new images with AI
  • There are many more, but these are two that seem to be on the bleeding edge of development and are pushing the bounds. Please keep in mind that there are important and necessary conversations happening around the development of AI generated content and how that affects differing audiences. These references are here to simply show the trajectory of technology and design.


New ways to Learn

The educational landscape is ever-changing. Most STEM fields will require a formal degree. However, there are a number of trade schools that provide you with education and the opportunity to start working sooner than if you were to go to University. Please understand that it is best to discuss your potential schooling and opportunities with your parents and or guidance counselor at your school. They should be able to help you map out a path.

If you are interested in a career in web design or graphic design, there are a number of resources you can begin to explore.


What steps should I Take?

Let me clear the air first. There is not a single path. You need to know two things.

  • What interests you
  • What you are good at


If you can figure out these two things, you are in good shape. The only other prerequisite is determination. Being successful in any career will take time and hard work. The STEM fields can be challenging. If you settle within yourself that you want to go this direction and you’re passionate about it, that is what will help you to overcome the doubt and the seeming setbacks.  Because I am speaking to students interested in Digital Design and Media, this may sound slightly different from the instructions in other disciplines.

  • Be Curious.
    • Start following designers (web, UI/UX, or graphic) that interest you 
    • Read books on design, business or other contextually relevant topics
    • Join the conversation. There are plenty of communities that you can ask questions, share your design for feedback, and generally discuss what is working, what’s not, and why. Understanding the why is what is most important. 
  • Develop Your Craft
    • Figure out what type of design gets you excited about learning more. 
    • Learn the principles of Design
    • Train your eye to see – Look at design examples, deconstruct what is working and what isn’t
    • Try to recreate the style or design that you admire
    • Practice, practice, practice…
  • Find Your Voice – In other words CREATE
    • You won’t know what you don’t know until you start creating. 
    • Everyone struggles with impostor syndrome.
    • Sharing your work can be scary, but it is what will help you to learn.
    • If you are consistent and are willing to put your work under the fire of critique, you will eventually develop thick skin.
    • You need to see your designs work objectively.


If you need some help finding good content creators check out some of these designers that have inspired and impacted me throughout my career.


I hope this helps give a starting point. Know that there are plenty more out there, and with a little bit of digging, you should be able to find one that fits your niche. I am also always looking for more, so if you have any design-specific podcasts, please feel free to email them to me: at info@hawkdesign.co.


Momentum is key. Starting down a career path can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Give yourself the freedom to explore the variety of opportunities that design offers. Everything needs to be designed, and you can be one of the designers that create positive and necessary change in our world.


Thank you and I wish you the best of luck in discovering your potential!

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