WordPress or Squarespace – How to choose when building a website

Comparing WordPress Vs. Squarespace

I will be analyzing the benefits and limitations of WordPress and Squarespace. If you are running a small business and you need a website, keep reading to see which platform is right for you. There are other website builders out there. However, I chose to compare WordPress and Squarespace because they are two of the most popular content management systems (CMS) for building a small business website. Please keep in mind that this is not a comprehensive comparison. I will be evaluating each platform on these metrics:

  • Pricing
  • Customization
  • Learning Curve
  • Open-Source Vs. Closed-Source Platform
  • Support


The purpose of this objective comparison is to help small business owners make a more informed decision about which platform to use when building their website.


WordPress is an opensource platform that is built and maintained by numerous developers. It launched in 2003 and powers over 75 million websites on the world wide web.

Benefits of WordPress
  • Download WordPress for Free – The WordPress framework is entirely free.  (free hosting at wordpress.com)
  • Hosting Costs – There are a variety of reputable hosting companies that are comparable in price to that of Squarespace. Check out Bluehost.
  • Owns 27.2% Market Share – That’s over 75 Million Websites are built on the WordPress framework
  • Fully Customizable – There are no limitations to what is possible with WordPress
  • Open Source Platform – Allows for 3rd party integration and development
  • Great Support Community – Due to the far-reaching scope of WordPress there is an ample amount of resources
  • Large Theme and Plugin Gallery – Provides you with everything you need to create a custom and functional website
  • Site Ownership – You have control over your site if it is hosted on 3rd party server (not wordpress.com)


Limitations of WordPress
  • Limitations when hosting on WordPress.com – Limited page structure; limited themes & plugins; limited styling; limited content ownership, read the WP TOS (note: this these limitations are specific to hosting your site on wordpress.com),
  • Mandatory Maintenance – You’ll need to keep WP platform and Plugins up-to-date
  • Site Vulnerability – If security precautions are not taken, your site is liable to security threats
  • Steep Learning Curve – New to WordPress? There is a bit of a learning curve
  • Lost In Translation – Due to the sheer number of tutorials it could take time to figure out how to do something or fix an issue
  • Quality Control – Outdated and poorly developed plugins could lead to site vulnerability


Squarespace is an easy to use website builder, based in New York City. Squarespace launched in 2003 to streamline the website building process for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and individuals. I built my first Squarespace site for a client in 2016 and have found it to be a quality solution.

Benefits of Squarespace
  • Cost-Effective – Plans ranging from $12 to $40 per month
  • Personal, Business, and E-commerce Plans Available
  • Easy To Use – Customize your site template in their drag and drop builder
  • Extremely User-Friendly – Not a very steep learning curve
  • Closed Platform – Provides a secure platform and large knowledge base of video and written tutorials
  • 24/7 Support – Email support team dedicated to answering your question


Limitations of Squarespace
  • Limited Platform – Due to the closed-source platform there are limitations to 3rd party development
  • Limited Ownership – It’s important to read through Squarespace’s TOS if you are considering this platform
  • Limited Template Library – They have a decent amount but not in comparison to WordPress Templates
  • Limited Customizations – Each template is not created equal and vary in its limitations see comparison chart
  • Limited Code Injection – This option is only available on business plans (or personal plans that have been grandfathered in)
  • Limited Styling – Most templates only allow 3 header styles (custom css option but doesn’t work with cover pages)


When making your decision to build a website you will need to consider the benefits and limitations of each platform. If you would like to discuss in further detail which platform would be best for your next project, please feel free to call for a free consultation.

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